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12 Oct


Registration is now open for the 5th running of the annual Newcastle Overnight ride, click on the link below to register through our delightful event supporters Audax Australia.

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Newcastle Overnight 2016

5 Jun


It’s pissing down rain in Sydney, and for some reason that made us think it was a good time to announce the date for this year’s ride.

Saturday December 10th, 2016. Mark it in your diaries. Leaving 9pm from Sydney Observatory Hill, and riding to Newcastle.

The ride as a graphic novel !

7 Dec

Graphic ride

this is great.

From Rob Boonzaier


A movie

2 Dec

So if you were wondering what it’s like and considering next year this gives a pretty good impression of what it’s like…


If you actually rode then you know what it’s like, no real point watching the film, still you never know you might spot yourself in the gloom…see link below

It was a dark and stormy night…

A good write up from Sydney Night Rides

30 Nov

Lots of photos too !

Another (almost) claim for last

30 Nov

These riders were not quiet last, but fairly close, arriving at the Newcastle Baths just before 10am.

Jodie & Greg Hill are riders with NWSCC (North Western Sydney Cycling Club), and perhaps encouraged by the number of us doing the ride (a couple of us did it last year before the club existed!), Greg signed up himself and Jodie to tackle the ride…which just happened to be on the day of their 23rd Wedding Anniversary! Jodie was looking a little nervous at the start, and we did think that perhaps Greg might not survive the night, being the one responsible for signing her up.
At various points in the latter half of the ride there was offers to pull the plug and check into a hotel instead, which was more in line with the Anniversary theme. But no, Jodie refused the kind offer to stop (there were no vacancies anyway apparently!), and they both kept the pedals moving, more determined than ever to finish it off and stand triumphant at the finish. Finish they did, after Greg took them on a slight detour around Newcastle, adding an extra 8km!
As the Women’s Liason for our club (which is not even 12 months old yet), this is a massive inspiration for other members, especially the women, who think that taking part in such a ride is impossible. Jodie has set the bar pretty high with this effort. Unfortunately Jodie was denied the full distance being recorded when the battery on her Garmin watch died somewhere out of Budgewoi!


Photo: The Happy Couple, all smiles after arriving after an epic night!
Paul Murgatroyd

First Claim for Last place

29 Nov

Oliver, Garth and the team Thank you all for organising this amazing events..we had a tremendous good time and depite the little training we had managed to complete the ride in just ….13h and a bit !!! Quite exhausted but the spirit was quite high!!Unfortunately our frien Micahel Scarpin had to abandon the ride at the 12th hour due to mechanical problems. The rest of the team, Steeven Tennikov, Daniel Cunningham, Myself Michael Boulet anf Jonathan Boulet, yes THE Jonathan Boulet made it to the end and caught up the train at Adamtown at 11:36…! Again thank you and great work. Michael

Unless anyone else comes fwd they are it.