Another (almost) claim for last

These riders were not quiet last, but fairly close, arriving at the Newcastle Baths just before 10am.

Jodie & Greg Hill are riders with NWSCC (North Western Sydney Cycling Club), and perhaps encouraged by the number of us doing the ride (a couple of us did it last year before the club existed!), Greg signed up himself and Jodie to tackle the ride…which just happened to be on the day of their 23rd Wedding Anniversary! Jodie was looking a little nervous at the start, and we did think that perhaps Greg might not survive the night, being the one responsible for signing her up.
At various points in the latter half of the ride there was offers to pull the plug and check into a hotel instead, which was more in line with the Anniversary theme. But no, Jodie refused the kind offer to stop (there were no vacancies anyway apparently!), and they both kept the pedals moving, more determined than ever to finish it off and stand triumphant at the finish. Finish they did, after Greg took them on a slight detour around Newcastle, adding an extra 8km!
As the Women’s Liason for our club (which is not even 12 months old yet), this is a massive inspiration for other members, especially the women, who think that taking part in such a ride is impossible. Jodie has set the bar pretty high with this effort. Unfortunately Jodie was denied the full distance being recorded when the battery on her Garmin watch died somewhere out of Budgewoi!


Photo: The Happy Couple, all smiles after arriving after an epic night!
Paul Murgatroyd

First Claim for Last place

Oliver, Garth and the team Thank you all for organising this amazing events..we had a tremendous good time and depite the little training we had managed to complete the ride in just ….13h and a bit !!! Quite exhausted but the spirit was quite high!!Unfortunately our frien Micahel Scarpin had to abandon the ride at the 12th hour due to mechanical problems. The rest of the team, Steeven Tennikov, Daniel Cunningham, Myself Michael Boulet anf Jonathan Boulet, yes THE Jonathan Boulet made it to the end and caught up the train at Adamtown at 11:36…! Again thank you and great work. Michael

Unless anyone else comes fwd they are it.

The Wrap Pt 1

So that was certainly the most riders ever.
285 Registered !
Hope everyone had a great time, the weather was pretty kind except for the persistent NE breeze.
Thanks so much to all our Volunteers
Yvonne David Cathy Natasha and Maddie at the start.
Yvonne Louise Michael Natasha Cathy and Maddie at Mt White
Lucie Kylie and Nazha at Budgewoi
Plus many more who helped out here and there.
Thanks to Lucie for taking photos and to Phil Pearce for buying a mountain of food for Mt White.

Also big thanks to Dieter for opening up York Lane Bar for us again and to the Newcastle Baths for opening up at 5.
Thanks also to AUDAX for helping us run the ride. If you want your ride recorded as an official Brevet please post your card to
Garth Davies
13 Buckland St
Alexandria 2015
If you have any good photos or words you want to share please send them to We can then pop them up here

#newcastleovernight seems to be getting a lot of traffic on Instagram.

We do have a couple of prizes to hand out.

If you think you might have been the last one to get there send an email to newcastleovernight We will have an excellent prize for you.

Least Appropriate Bike

FullSizeRender (2)
Unless there are any other nominations I think it’s the BMX, ridden by Jason. Jason has made a bit of a tradition of picking the wrong bike for this event, last year it was a track bike…

Reflective Gear

MonkeySee are going to have their High Vis Harness and High Vis Belts for sale at the start. They will be offered at the same (discounted) price as they were on the website.
We will have a range of sizes available.

They will be at York Lane from 6 till 8 and Observatory hill 8 till 9.

Cash Only !

We also have 30 or so vests from AUDAX first in best dressed etc. $5 a piece.


New Exciting Budgewoi Tea Stop

From Lucie, Nazha and Kylie our Budgewoi tea stop team…
As the second tea stop is a bit different this year, I thought I would give you an update. McKenzie Reserve has a large roofed area with a dozen picnic tables, and taps for you to fill up your water bottles. There is a toilet block next door, and a playground nearby – in case you have some extra energy you would like to burn off!

I had hoped to have power which would have meant “real” coffee, but the time of night means this unfortunately cannot be organised. However, we will heat up plenty of water for tea and coffee. I have done some research on the very best instant coffee available, so I don’t think you will be disappointed. For tea, there will be a choice of black, green and herbal.

The food supplies will be plentiful I hope, but the sooner you register for the ride, the better I can plan for what is needed. The signature cookie will be ANZAC biscuits, and there will lots of yummy homemade slices, some gluten free. There will also be fruit, muesli bars, lollies etc.

If you have any requests for favourite cycling snacks, feel free to use the comments section below, and I will consider all suggestions.

Look forward to seeing you, early on Sunday morning. Hopefully we will have some Christmas lights to greet you.

York Lane Bar


York Lane are again opening for pre ride pasta.
They would like some idea of numbers so if you’re coming along for a meal before the ride please drop me an email ( by Wednesday.
About 200 have already registered for the ride, so it looks like there will be quite a crowd.
We will have a registration desk at York Lane from 6 till 8 so you can get that all done and dusted


Pre ride checklist


It is a pretty wonderful feeling looking out over Newcastle ocean baths having ridden all through the night from Sydney.

But if you want to make it to the wonderful post ride feeling, you need to not only turn up and peddle but also tick a few boxes before the ride.

  1. Make sure you have registered, if you haven’t done it yet, then register here.
  2. Make sure you and your bike meet the lighting requirements. Without two independent front lights, two independent rear lights, a red reflector attached to the bike and a reflective vest we cannot sign you in.
  3. Sign in will take place at York lane bar from 6:00-8:00 pm or at observatory hill from 8:10-8:45 pm.
  4. It is worth repeating that Newcastle Overnight is neither a race nor a charity ride. There is no mechanical support enroute nor is there a sweep wagon. If you are unable to finish the ride then you need to make your own way home, via hitching, train, or a call to a friend.
  5. Around 60 km in at Mt White and at 120km in at, Budgewoi we will have a road side tea stop. Staffed by some of our lovely volunteers, tea, coffee and snacks will all be offered. Bring coins or small bills to express your gratitude.Note this carefully please: Even if we advertise a food spot there is every chance they could run out of food before you get there. Two bottles of water is a good idea, and at least a few things to eat. You should be taking on some food and definitely water at least every hour throughout the night.
    Please make sure that you bring something to eat and drink with you.

Above all ride safe, have fun, look out for your fellow riders and enjoy the challenge.