Public Art invades our Start House

For the next Month there is a rather interesting Installation in our Starthouse…

The ceiling is covered with Snare Drums that play Mozart…..

Hopefully they will leave their lighting behind….

4 weeks to go……


One thought on “Public Art invades our Start House

  1. Just sharing some notes that I’ve collected from older posts or still remember from 2015


    Tea Stops & Refill Options
    * Tea Stop @ Mt White (60km)
    * McDonalds‘s / Caltex @ Gosford (85km)
    * 7-Eleven @ The Entrance (105km)
    * Tea Stop @ Budgwoi (120km)
    * 7-Eleven @ Marks Point (146km)

    Train options
    * Hornsby to Sydney → every ~30 min, all night
    * Cowan to Sydney → 23.48 (SAT) last, 3.37 (SUN) first
    * Gosford to Sydney → 23.13 (SAT) last, 3.02 (SUN) first

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