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7 Oct

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Sixth Annual Ride: 11th November 2017

30 Aug


The date is set for this year’s ride! We’ll see you there at Sydney Observatory Hill, leaving 9pm on Saturday 11th November.

You need to register over at Audax Australia – we’ll update this post as soon as that’s online.

Post ride wrap up

16 Dec

So the fifth annual running of the Newcastle Overnight is done and well wasn’t that an enjoyable night out.


(photo: Jullietta Jung)

Perfect warm weather, a few gentle tufts of breeze and an absolutely beautiful sunrise over Newcastle Baths as the end.

Riders numbers were just over 220 this year ! A steady growth of the event.


(photo: Jonathan Vanenberg)

Prizes this year are supplied by Omafiets Dutch Bicycles in Redfern and consist of a $50 voucher for parts or servicing.

Most inappropriate bike: 

This year saw a stellar effort on the strange bike front, many riders obviously realising the bar had been set pretty high in previous years(BMX, cargo bike, Brompton, fixie, tandem etc)

Nominations included:

Laura Shane riding a rather heavy and extremely upright step through Dutch bike. Full Mudguards, rack panniers, lock and chain case didn’t stop Laura finishing the ride in a remarkably quick time.

Jason Sylvester on a 1960’s restored 3 speed Raleigh. Restoration seems to have included some rather sensible additions such as new tires and an overhauled rear hub (if you only have three gears, you want to make sure they work) but stalled when it came to raising the seat to a sensible level. Jason was spotted throughout the night, knees bent up near his chin overtaking all sorts of other cyclists.

Oliver Cashman was hard to miss this year riding a “tall bike”, two bikes backyard welded onto each other. With the saddle some 7 foot off the ground and festooned with red flashers and fairy lights it was enough to make some central coast locals question whether they were witnessing some sort of hovering apparition. A seven speed friction shifted cassette and a single functioning brake didn’t slow him down much, although the difficulty of dismounting and remounting may also have accounted for his apparent haste. (note: Oliver is also disqualified from prizes for being 1/3 of the organising committee)


But the prize for most inappropriate bike has to ultimately go to the woman on the five inch wide tired rolling behemoth fat bike. Terribly sorry we forgot your name (do get in touch) but to come back from racing that ridiculous bike across the Simpson Dessert and then knock out 170km on pavement is a stellar effort. It just goes to show that the Newcastle Overnight is a ride for bikes of all shapes and sizes!IMG_3711.JPG




Award for Camaraderie:

Ali Jones, Jacquie Fetchet and Rachel Hayden. These three deserve the prize for inventing their very own form of cycling formation. Deciding that the aerodynamic benefits of close formation cycling were negligible compared to the moral benefits of a looser formation, these three rode two abreast, sometimes three abreast (only on cycle paths of course). Countless hours of singing and story telling later they all arrived at Newcastle Baths a fair bit quicker than an ordinary pace line would have delivered them. 15419800_10100161190087761_616210047708688534_o.jpg

(photo: Ali Jones)

Other nominations include Phillip and Monica Moore for administering first aid to another injured rider, and Edward for helping Garth who had a puncture on his Brompton.

Last arrival:

This prize was a little up in the air this year, given that everyone was a little quicker than in previous years. We stuck around at the finish till about 10:30am and a few folks rolled into the baths around then but no one came later as far as I know.

In the absence of a clear winner, the prize is awarded to Edward Fernandez who was in the group that came in very close to last. Edward is singled out from this group because this was his first year riding the Newcastle overnight and almost certainly his longest ride to date. Further Edward didn’t really want to keep riding beyond Gosford, his plan was to ride a bit further and then find some way to get home. Now as anyone who has ridden this stretch knows, once you pass Gosford there just simply isn’t any easy way to get home. We used to write this on the maps but then figured it might scare people off so edited it out. So for persevering  and keeping on going (despite there being no other option) , Edward wins a prize.



Massive thanks go to:

Our wonderful Volunteers, with out whom this event could not function! Thanks for staying up all night and offering such an amazing spread of delicious treats and hot drinks! It really does make the ride special!

Lucie Loane
Ben Keating
Mt White:
Natasha Davies
Naomi Ascui
Michael Wester
Providore: (if you ever wondered where all the food came from)
Phil Pearce

Massive thanks also to our other two pit stops for opening up specially for us! These guys again support the event year in year out and it really is appreciated.

York Lane Café

Newcastle Baths Café


Thanks also go the the Audax Club of Australia for proving Insurance and support to the event. Check out their website and ride calendar for more events like this.

p.s. Another great ride coming up in the new year is the Southerly Buster, an overnight ride to Kiama! 14th January, Check it out15370152_10100161189972991_1454388565648410225_o.jpg

(Photo: Ali Jones)

Slightly Revised route

30 Nov

So this link will take you to a GPS route that will take you straight to the second Tea Stop at Budgewoi !

It’s slightly off the direct route down a bit of a back street.  We will have lights and balloons leading the way but if you have a Garmin or similar this will get you there !


Registration now open…

12 Oct


Registration is now open for the 5th running of the annual Newcastle Overnight ride, click on the link below to register through our delightful event supporters Audax Australia.

Register now



Newcastle Overnight 2016

5 Jun


It’s pissing down rain in Sydney, and for some reason that made us think it was a good time to announce the date for this year’s ride.

Saturday December 10th, 2016. Mark it in your diaries. Leaving 9pm from Sydney Observatory Hill, and riding to Newcastle.

The ride as a graphic novel !

7 Dec

Graphic ride

this is great.

From Rob Boonzaier


A movie

2 Dec

So if you were wondering what it’s like and considering next year this gives a pretty good impression of what it’s like…


If you actually rode then you know what it’s like, no real point watching the film, still you never know you might spot yourself in the gloom…see link below

It was a dark and stormy night…

A good write up from Sydney Night Rides

30 Nov


Lots of photos too !

Another (almost) claim for last

30 Nov

These riders were not quiet last, but fairly close, arriving at the Newcastle Baths just before 10am.

Jodie & Greg Hill are riders with NWSCC (North Western Sydney Cycling Club), and perhaps encouraged by the number of us doing the ride (a couple of us did it last year before the club existed!), Greg signed up himself and Jodie to tackle the ride…which just happened to be on the day of their 23rd Wedding Anniversary! Jodie was looking a little nervous at the start, and we did think that perhaps Greg might not survive the night, being the one responsible for signing her up.
At various points in the latter half of the ride there was offers to pull the plug and check into a hotel instead, which was more in line with the Anniversary theme. But no, Jodie refused the kind offer to stop (there were no vacancies anyway apparently!), and they both kept the pedals moving, more determined than ever to finish it off and stand triumphant at the finish. Finish they did, after Greg took them on a slight detour around Newcastle, adding an extra 8km!
As the Women’s Liason for our club (which is not even 12 months old yet), this is a massive inspiration for other members, especially the women, who think that taking part in such a ride is impossible. Jodie has set the bar pretty high with this effort. Unfortunately Jodie was denied the full distance being recorded when the battery on her Garmin watch died somewhere out of Budgewoi!


Photo: The Happy Couple, all smiles after arriving after an epic night!
Paul Murgatroyd