Updated Garmin Route

See link below for the garmin route.

Only change is around budgewoi where the route goes to the new tea room location !


Garmin route

GPX file


9 thoughts on “Updated Garmin Route

    1. In more technical support challenges, is there anyway to get GPX out of the Garmin page? I couldn’t see a way of doing it.

    1. James, not really, we will hand out some maps at the start. Navigation is pretty easy, Highway to Hornsby, then old Highway to Gosford, mainroad through Gosford then up the central coast, tricky right turn near tea stop at Budgewoi (this will be marked) then the last trick is to turn right onto Fernleigh track.

      1. A friend in Newie says that the Fernleigh Track turnoff is in the grunds of or very near the Belmont TAFE, so the TAFE may be the landmark to look for.
        I don’t have a GPS, and don’t want one. I have 1 Garmin device – a heart rate monitor – and it’s a POS.
        Thanks for the description of the route – much more useful than a map. I was hoping for more detail, eg if there were places where a marked cycle path was a better option than riding on the road; also turnoff descriptions.
        Route desription should be more prominent on the website.

  1. Big thanks to whoever made this route, it was amazingly helpful on the ride!

    Just a tip/request if you’re going to re-use it for next year: the turn-off to the Fernleigh track should be adjusted, as the marked route is not possible. In Belmont, from the Pacific Hwy right-turn onto Alick St is blocked by the median strip (perhaps Garmin assume we drive on the right!). The actual turn-off should be the next right on Gen St at the traffic lights.

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