All your questions answered

newcastle ride

Please read the following carefully and if you have any other questions about the ride then email us at

Last minute things

Ride is in for this Saturday. The weather forecast is great but the ride carries on even in the event of rain, wind etc.

Riders need to register on-line before Friday, then sign in and satisfy a lighting check on the night. Without two independent front lights, two independent rear lights, a red reflector attached to the bike and a reflective vest we cannot sign you in. If in doubt read the lighting rules.

At the moment we have over 200 riders so leave some time for sign in a the start.

Sign in will take place at York lane bar from 6:00-8:00 pm or at observatory hill from 8:10-8:45 pm.

There will be a brief welcome and announcement before riders leave at 9pm.

It is worth repeating that Newcastle Overnight is neither a race nor a charity ride. There is no mechanical support enroute not is there a sweep wagon. If you are unable to finish the ride then you need to make your own way home, via hitching, train, or a call to a friend.

Around 60 km in at Mt White and at 120km in at Slade Park, Budgewoi we will have a road side tea stop. Staffed by some of our lovely volunteers, tea, coffee and snacks will all be offered. Bring coins or small bills to express your gratitude.
Note this carefully please: Even if we advertise a food spot there is every chance they could run out of food before you get there. Two bottles of water is a good idea, and at least a few things to eat. You should be taking on some food and definitely water at least every hour throughout the night.
Please make sure that you bring something to eat and drink with you.

We encourage comradeie and a sense of adventure and the few prizes on offer are geared towards this. Nobody ever remembers the speedy whippets who disappear up Mt White but they sure will remember who helped them with a puncture at 3am.

Prizes this year are:

The award for Courage – to the rider on the most inappropriate bike- wins a set of Orlieb Panniers courtesy of Metro Cycles, Newcastle.

The award for Perseverance – to the rider who is last to arrive in Newcastle Baths- Wins a large Zimbale Saddle bag from Cheeky Transport, Newtown.

The award for Camaraderie – to the rider who most graciously aids another in their hour of need- Wins a Pair of Vaude Rain Jackets from Omafiets Dutch Bicycles, Redfern.

The Shoot for the Stars award – for the three riders for whom the distance of this ride (175km) represents the largest increase in distance for a single ride. (i.e previous longest ride was the shortest) – each wins a four issue subscription to Treadlie Bike Magazine, courtesy of Treadle.

Don’t race the event. Do stop at red lights. Stop for any other riders who look like they could do with some help. Stop at the tea stops enroute and be kind to our wonderful volunteers who are awake to keep you fuelled. If you get to newcastle at 3am there will be no one to congratulate you and you will be two hours early for the cafe to open.

Check your bike. Pump your tires. Grab your spares. Charge your lights. Fill your bottles. Buy some snacks.

Set you on the night !


5 thoughts on “All your questions answered

  1. I’m hoping to join the ride for 2015, coming from WA to do so. Work requires that I apply for annual leave WAAAAYYY in advance. Could you please tell me what date the ride is planned for this year (2015)? thanks. 🙂

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