The Route

So after an overnight scoping expedition we have a route. You can dowload it to your Garmin, print it out and point a torch at it, or replicate it in minute detail with a biro on the back of your hand. There was plenty to see along the way, though a lot of it was shrouded in darkness.. We did discover a number of 24 hr “providores” including a Scottish restaurant in Bateau Bay.

Garmin Route

If you want the route in Google or .tcx or .gpx formats drop us a line on



11 thoughts on “The Route

  1. So I’m really keen to do this. But any idea whether there will be a “back of the pack” group? I’m pretty sure I’m fit enough, but I’ve got legs more like a sprinter than a climber, at least that’s what I tell myself when I’m a bit slow up hills, and the route’s a bit hilly at times. I don’t particularly want to ride by myself all night..! Any other “tortoises” doing this ride?

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