Reflective clothing

You must have some form of reflective clothing for the ride. We are super not fussy what it is, it can even be your underwear as long as you wear it on the outside…


Monkeysee are offering a 10% discount on their products which are comfortable, light-weight and effective high visibility and reflective gear.

Select a fluro yellow or fluro orange monkeysee harness or the fluro yellow monkeysee elasticated belt, both come with high intensity reflective strip/s for night time visibility.
For a limited time grab a 10% discount, simply use the promo code OVERNIGHT at the checkout; in a flash they will dispatch your order from their  premises in Sydney. Offer valid til 26/11/15

We will also have the same audax branded vests for sale at the start (until they sell out) or there is the superman look as mentioned before….


2 thoughts on “Reflective clothing

  1. Can I please confirm that if I use the “fluro yellow monkeysee elasticated belt” on by back back for the ride that this covers me for reflective clothing for the ride?

  2. Reflective stuff works by relecting light back towards the light source that is illuminating it, ie towards car headlights in our case. It will not help reflect street lighting. Where car lights are on low beam, vests won’t reflect much because they are too high. Put most of your reflective stuff low – on the bike or your REFLECTIVE ANKLETS. Available from monkeysee, some bike shops, sometimes free from CC of S or RMS, $1 online. I have a few extras & will donate them at the start. I’ll wear a reflective harness to comply

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