York Lane Bar


York Lane bar is confirmed as opening Saturday night. The bar is located in York Lane (just behind Wynyard Station) they will be open from 6pm till about 9pm.

Vegetarian Pasta is on the menu for $12.00. There will also be a number of drinks and sweets on offer as well as Coffee and other things that may keep you going.

Come along, meet your fellow riders, get your lighting check out of the way, tell a few lies…..

Right now the weather forecast looks good !

Saturday 8 November

Min 17
Max 27
Partly cloudy.

Massively better than last year !


3 thoughts on “York Lane Bar

  1. I’ve got a reservation for 4 via Dimmi at 50% off for the Governor’s Table for 6.15PM:

    The Governor’s Table
    Address: Bridge St & Phillip St, Sydney NSW 2000
    Phone:(02) 9241 1788

    I have space for 2, the food here is casual fine dining and you’d be dining with 2 other riders who are attempting Newcastle overnight. The plan is to eat here and then head to York Lane to catch up with the rest of the group.

    If you’re interested in joining email “newcastle2014” (at) “kiang” dot “info” and I’ll give you the deets…

  2. we are also going to do a pork burger as well depending on how much stock we have. Cakes , beer ,coffee and protein balls will be available as well as grappa to get you going.

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