Fuel for the fire

Somebody once said that the secret to being a long distance cyclist is just to think of it as a extended eating and drinking competition. The Newcastle Overnight organisers couldn’t agree more and that’s why we put lots of our energy into making food and tea stops happen en-route.

As well as organising for the Newcastle Baths Cafe to open early, we have pulled together tea stops for Mt-White (aprox 50km in) and at Slade Park (Budgewoi, aprox 120km in), which will offer hot tea, coffee and snacks on a donation basis. These will be marked on the map provided on the night. Riders should certainly plan to carry their own food and water for the ride, there are large gaps between tea stops and  with a ‘turn up and go’ ride we cannot predict numbers well enough to guarantee  supplies for everyone.

One thing we do need to gauge is interest in food before the start. An alternate function at York Lane bar means we will not be meeting out the back for coffee but instead are proposing a mass pasta meal in their front cafe, Annex Foyer Cafe, 56 Clarence St. Picture big long trestle tables, your bike propped against the wall inside, elbow to elbow with other riders. The deal is $10 a head for a vegetarian pasta meal. It’s a great chance to meet other riders and to fuel up for the ride ahead.

Before committing to the dinner we need to get a minimum level of interest, are there 2o riders who are keen for a pre meal? If so please email us before Wednesday at Newcastleovernight@gmail.com


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