One month to go…

So time flies and we are one month out from our second annual Newcastle Overnight ride.

Posters and flyers have been cropping up around town and the mysterious wranglings of the blogosphere have been kicking into gear. Mainly however, or so we are told, it’s the excited whisperings of previous riders that have been getting the word out.

Both for veterans and new riders now is the perfect time to be telling friends, co-workers, riding buddies and partners about the ride. The Sydney Rides Festival is on, the weather is nice and everywhere you look there are more people on bikes. Bring your riding group, your club, your next door neighbour. Form a gang, a posse or your own private peleton.  We hear rumors of a bromton army, oblique references to a nutter on a cargo bike, and we are hoping for a tandem this year.

We are finalising the details of the support we will be providing this year. Two tea rooms looks likely, maps and a surprising amount of camaraderie will certainly be provided. More than that, who knows…

Also being finalisied are the details of a few partnerships.  York Lane, Omafiets Dutch Bicycles, Treadlie Bike Magazine, Cheeky Transport and Mana From Heaven are onboard. There are no grand prizes or awards, but their support does make a difference. If you have something to contribute or perhaps might be keen to volunteer on the night then by all means get in touch.

Stay tuned for more to come….


11 thoughts on “One month to go…

  1. I did the ride last year and loved it, but have been having trouble convincing my mates to come. I need new mates. Anyway i didn’t want to do it the same way, so i began thinking up ways to make it different. My wires 3 speed Dutch style bike from the 70’s was one option. But another way would be to hire a tandem if i could find someone crazy enough to tandem 170 odd kms with a relative stranger. Kill two birds. It be different and i’d have a new mate. Anyone in?

  2. I might be able to loan you a tandem, it even has super fancy Luxos dynamo lights. It’s a bike Friday. I was trying to convince my daughter to come along but she’s wavering…

    1. Sounds awesome!! Thanks for the offer. I have another rider so if wavering daughter opts out let me know by emailing and we can sort out details.

    1. Average speed varies, last year the first 2 got to Newcastle at 4am so they averaged close to 30, most of us arrived between 6 and 8 so average around 20 the last rider made it in around 10 am so their average speed was 13. obviously all of these speeds include breaks etc. A lot of groups formed during the night as people found a pace that suited them.

    1. Louise as far as we knowm there are 2 tandems. Andy and Harry Ollie and victoria.
      Are you looking for moral support or someone else to go on your tandem ?
      IVe gotma tandem but its very home made and a bit flakey, also I think I’m out of time to get lights etc onto it….


      1. Was looking to see if anyone had a tandem and wanted someone else to ride with them on it. Guess its going to be too last minute. : ( I’m not a confident rider of long distance, not very fast, not sure if I can make the distance or not, so being with others would certainly help.

      2. Add one more to that list. My brother and I are gonna tandem it too. Arrangements to borrow one never eventuated, but we hired one from Olympic park this arvo. See you soon.

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