Is it too early to say ‘second annual Newcastle Overnight Ride’?






7 thoughts on “Is it too early to say ‘second annual Newcastle Overnight Ride’?

  1. Yes, I missed the last one due to an unfortunate accident and after hearing about the dynamo in London I’d like to be involved.

  2. Have you a date yet? I’m a Sydney boy now living in the UK (and i’ve done the “original” Dunwich Dynamo too) who’ll be back in Australia during January 2014…..I’d be so up for it…..just need to make sure mum hasn’t sold my old Peugeot to make space for her retirement hobby.

  3. Sure hope not! I saw the ad for this ride last year after the event had already run and, so long as it doesn’t clash with any races, I’m definitely doing it this year. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of, therefore I must do it.

  4. Missed last years due to rain but after hearing that other crazy riders still did it I’m not missing it for the world! See you all there.

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