Thank you!


So the Inaugural Newcastle Overnight ride is done and dusted. Despite the pressing heat and threatening rain almost 70 riders valiantly rode through the night. Each of these riders, whether you made it to Newcastle or not helped make this event wonderful. (note: most made it)

Thanks go out to you all.

Firstly, to our contributing sponsors, Mana from Heaven, York Lane and Omafiets Dutch Bicycles. A little assistance goes a long way towards building a vibrant and strong cycling culture in Sydney.

Secondly, to  our wonderful ‘tea lady’ Nicki, steadily dispensing tea,coffee, milo and all manner of wonderful snacks to the riders as they arrived in various states of fatigue. Everyone left feeling just that little bit better. Thanks for your wonderful work, it certainly gave many riders the energy they needed to tackle the few remaining hills before Gosford.

Lastly, and most importantly to everyone, there were the smiling faces at York Lane and the crowd that gathered at Observatory Hill. Everyone there played a role in making the plans seem just a little bit less crazy.  Thank you for contributing to the feeling of excitement and expectation.

Thank you to all the riders, for all manner of wonderful acts of kindness and bravery. There were those of you who helped other riders with flat tyres, in one case a terrible streak of three flats in a row were all aided by the same fellow rider. Many riders spoke also of other acts of support, words of encouragement or companionship through the hard early morning hours. Groups formed and reformed all through the night, everyone helping in their own way. Thanks to those riders who waited at the finish to give enthusiastic cheers and welcomes to other riders arriving.  It was wonderful to swim, drink coffee and eat in such wonderful company. While many riders arrived by themselves, or rode stretches of the route solo, there were very few who arrived in Newcastle alone.

Thanks also to the support and good humour from the overwhelming majority of locals along the way.  It’s not every night you see a strip show in the drive though queue at Mc Donalds.

If you have any good photos of the night send them to

Also any further nominations for the good samaratan awards are still being taken

Others have written some interesting words about their experience:

Intrepid Girl

Sydney Cyclist

We can’t see any reason not to do it all again next year, so watch this space and see you all next year !


4 thoughts on “Thank you!

    1. Thank you guys and Nicki for semi organising it and the York Lane crew for the coffee, i’ll be back there for sure. Had a great time and have plenty of people now interested in next year.

  1. Another thankyou to Garth and Liam here, although I bailed at Gosford it was a great way to spend saturday night.

  2. What a fantastic night! Thanks to the organisers for setting this up and especially for providing much welcomed tea and snacks at Mt White. Really great to meet so many like-minded people and I’ll definitely be doing this next year.

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